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From Android Phone
After Install ADW.Launcher.

Menu - ADWSettings - Themes Preferences - Select Your Theme.

Choose ADW Unleash HD and Apply theme!

Why Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone?

Top reason to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Now that the feds have said that jailbreaking is legal, let’s have some fun. Here are top five jailbreak applications:

Cydia-third party marketplace, means more apps, most are free, but some are paid
Access to the file system(ssh) – With jailbreaking comes access to the root of the file system, giving you absolute control over your phone.

Better / Cheaper tethering – MyWi is an app for jailbroken phones that is both better and cheaper than the native Apple / AT&T tethering. Turn your iphone into a wifi hub.

Cooler themes – There is an app named Winterboard, available (of course) only on jailbroken iPhones, which lets you do wonderful things with the look of your iPhone experience.

Useful lock screens – There are a number of jailbreak apps that make your lock screen a useful tool by telling you what things need your attention were you to unlock your phone, helping you decide whether or not to do that. CyDialer is one of the favorites in this category and worth a look.

Unlocking – Unlocking is not the same as jailbreaking, but you do have to jailbreak first. It allows you to use another GSM network sim card on your iPhone.

Quick and Easy Way to Reset Your iPhone

So your iphone acting up? Apple logo, freeze, blank screen, no wifi, etc.

A Quick way and easy way is to reset your iPhone

logo freeze or apple screen stuck fix
1. Soft reset: hold home and power button together for a few second it should flash and turn off.

wifi or connection issue fix
1. Go to settings, general and at bottom, do a all reset.

no network fix
1. click on and off the airplane mode

put your iphone into a restore mode

1. turn off your iphone
2. plug into the pc, press home button and hold plug itune logo appears
3. open itunes and restore it.

put your iphone into DFU Mode

1. plug your iphone into the pc
2. turn it off
3. press the power button for 3 seconds (until apple log appears)
4. while holding power button press the home button until it shuts off (7 seconds)
5. once it shuts off, release the power button and hold on into the home button for 20 seconds and the pc should dectect the iphone in a DFU mode

Jailbreak & Unlock for all idevices with 4.01-4.1 os

Dev -team came just came out with a jailbreak for 4.1 on all idevices (3 G and above) using the Redsnow for 2G jail break with spirit or blackrain

Geohot-Limerain is out for jailbreak your device fw 4.1
Greenpoison by chronic Dev team also out for jailbreak your idevice 4.1
~ this only work for 3gs and iphone 4

Apple just came out 4.02 os for iPhone on 8.11.10 with the only purpose is to patch the Comex exploit. So if you still want your carrier unlock and jailbreak, don't, I repeat DON'T update to the new Apple 4.02 OS.
If you did, and you have a 3GS, i4 you are out of luck. If you have a 3G then you can look back and jailbreak it with redsnow. See redsnow jailbreak tutorial.

Thanks @Comex the creator from Dev Team for, that allow jailbreak on all iDevices, 3G,3GS,iPhone 4 and ipad. And the idevice can be jailbreak directly from the iPhone web browsing plateform, Safari.
So on your idevice open safari and simply enter the web address and slide to jailbreak it. It's that simple and it's free.

Top reasons as to why jailbreak your iPhone?
1. Carrier unlock~ Well, if want to use your iPhone for T-mobile or any other sim carrier, then you have to get it unlock, in order to unlock you need iphone to be jailbroken.
2. Legal now
3. Create and Add unique stuff to your iPhone, themes and sms ringtone and other cool apps that apple felt threatening against their bottomline e.g. GVM (google voice)

For carrier unlock open up Cydia, and go to manage, sources then select and it should automatically run and reboot the device.


How to Unlock and Jailbreak 3G(s) iphone 4ios

Update: To jailbreak your update 4ios iphone
To jailbreak and unlock your iphone 3gs (older bootrom) using snowbreeze, link here and you also need to have a custom 4.0 firmware(ipsw)from link below.

Ok, so you updated the itunes 9.2 and got your iphone to update to the lates 4ios, and now how can you unlock it?

First you must have already a jailbroken iphone
To Jailbreak you need to download redsnow, can be found here
-Once you downloaded redsnow, just follow their easy steps by steps.
To unlock your iphone
-Go to cydia , source, on installed list pick and install the ultrasnow. wait for it to do the magic, then reboot you are set to go, enjoy!

For jailbreak unoffical 4ios firmware
- the link can be found here link
-Using firefox open the link and download your 3G/3gs/4 firmware
-Then open your itune press shift restore and choose that firmware you just downloaded

How to JailBreak and Unlock your Iphone, 3G, 3GS any Firmware

There are people trying to sell & are paying for this, and it shouldn't be, because it is free.
Here im going to show you how. I know there is lots of tutorial on it. But here my version.
First you need to jailbreak it first, this is very easy
- go to and download the software, plug in your iphone and run it. important to wait for the screen to turn "slide to unlock" then your iphone is jailbroken ( to know this, there is an app called Cydia installed on your iphone)
- now you want to unlock it for carrier
launch cydia (must have wifi) go to manage, click on source, press edit, then add and enter (number zero not o) then add source
- look up ultrasnow in that source and intall and wait for it reboot and you are set.

enjoy! hope this help, let me know if you have any questions and certain can help you out if I can.
Update: How to jailbreak and unlock 3G iphone 4 ios fw that you already restore on Itune, Click here for ailbreak and lock

Add Data plan on your iphone w/ Go phone services?

In order to add data plan on your pay as you go/ Go phone you need to change the iphone APN (simply put phone carrier data id )
to change this you need to open safari and look, make custom it for at&t APN and you are set. ( to delete this go to setting, general, network)

Now if you have iphone but using an AT&T plan but no data, but get charge for data because you accidently hit safari or email. well, you can use the link above and download a fake APN to block it.

Update: if you have iphone 4 ios, there is an option to turn the cellular off, hence no need to for this.